Fijit Friends Review

In the world of intereactive toys one of todays biggest sellers are Fijit Friends, sometimes commonly mis-spelled as fidget friends. So what exactly are Fijit Friends? They are colorful, chatty little creatures that respond to voice commands and sing, dance and interact with your child. There are 4 different Fijit Friends to choose from each with a their own characteristics and each have their own distinct personality. Each one responds with over 150 different phrases and tells jokes. They also recognize music and have different dance moves.

These really are very interactive little toys. They respond to about 30 different commands such as having it tell a joke or can even respond when your kid asks it how she looks. It also has a beat recognition feature that dances and moves according to the type of music being played. Thats pretty inventive and really cool!

Each one has a soft, rubbery body and a plastic head. They all have removable ears and their faces and eyes light up. Each one weighs about 2 pounds. They come with demonstration batteries but it is advisable that you get rid of those batteries right away and replace them fresh ones. These need 5 AA batteries so purchasing them along with your Fijit Friends would be a good idea.

So lets take a quick look at our 4 little Fijit Friends

             The purple trend setting Fijit Friend is Willa. She follows the latest trends in fashion and is very stylish. She dances and chats and even sings! She laughs until her side hurts! She loves to dance as well. She is perfect for the child that may need a little help with her self esteem. Click here to purchase Willa
FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive Toy

            The light green Fijit Friend is Sage. This Fijit has a very positive attitude. She likes discovering new things and exploring. She is very chatty and seems to know about new television shows. She makes a great new friend. Click here to purchase Sage
FIJIT Friends Sage Interactive Toy

            The blue Fijit Friend is Logan. Logan likes hi tech stuff and also adores animals and the outdoors. She even sings her own songs!
This one can easily become your kids best friend as she can be very encouraging. Click here to purchase Logan
FIJIT Friends Logan Interactive Toy

              The pink Fijit Friend is Serafina. Known as the sweetie pie for good reason. Serafina justs wants to make people happy. This one is very kind with a really big heart. She is very funny and very smart. She is a very popular choice among the Fijit Friends. Click here to purchase Serafina
FIJIT Friends Serafina Interactive Toy

Introducing Fijit Friends Newbies

Fijit Friends Newbies are pint sized little fijit friends that can be nurtured to get them to sing. They also will sing together in a duet. The more you nurture them the better they perform. They also will unlock new content in your other fijit friends

There are four new fijit friends newbies available






These are wonerful interactive little toys that will give your girl many hours of enjoyment. Each one has it's own unique personality that can your girl that choose from that she feels would be best for her. They do seem to work remarkably well when used properly


Some have complained that the toy doesn't work right. It seems that those having problems either were not using it right or not changing the batteries. You must give it specific commands when the belly button lights up. You can't just say something like "chat" you must say "chat with me" like the instructions tell you to.

Overall these are nice little toys that make great gifts at a reasonable price

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